Credential evaluation

A credential evaluation indicates with which Dutch level a foreign diploma is comparable.

What information is in a credential evaluation?

A credential evaluation is a document which states:

  • Your name and date of birth;
  • Which educational programme you completed and the programme length;
  • Where and when you completed the programme;
  • Which diploma you obtained;
  • Which educational level in the Netherlands is comparable to your foreign diploma.

The credential evaluation is in Dutch and is electronically signed. This electronic signature is legally valid on the electronic document, but it is not valid if you print the credential evaluation.
You can find more information about electronic signatures on the website of the Dutch Point of Single Contact for Entrepreneurs.

If your diploma cannot be evaluated, you will receive a Bericht geen waardering (Notification no evaluation).

Which diplomas can we evaluate?

We can evaluate the following diplomas and certificates:

  • diplomas from an officially recognised, accredited educational institution; and
  • of which the study programme took at least 1000 hours.

We do not evaluate:

  • certificates and diplomas for short programmes and courses;
  • diplomas received from a private educational institution;
  • Dutch diplomas.

Incomplete programmes of study

We can give you an evaluation about your programme even if you did not complete it. You must have finished at least one year of the programme. You will then receive an educational evaluation. An educational evaluation contains the same information as a credential evaluation.

Diploma not yet received

Have you completed a programme of study but not yet received the diploma? Ask your educational institution to give you a statement with your name on it saying that you will receive your diploma at a later time. Are you required to pay for your diploma? The statement must then say that you applied for your diploma and have paid the fee.