Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions:

Credential evaluation in general

Application and procedure

Using Mijn IDW

Credential evaluation in general

What is an international credential evaluation?
A credential evaluation is a written statement, which indicates the value of a foreign diploma or study programme in the Netherlands. It contains a comparison of one foreign diploma or study programme with the Dutch educational system, usually the 'highest' diploma that has been obtained. No rights, claims or qualifications can be derived from a credential evaluation. 

A credential evaluation is not
A credential evaluation is not a Dutch diploma or a literal translation of a foreign diploma.

Neither does a credential evaluation provide permission to work in a profession, or the right to direct admission to an educational programme. An employer, educational institute or other third party decides this themselves.

Do you have lists available with evaluations of all diploma's per country?
A credential evaluation is a personal document and always issued for a specific diploma. There are no lists available with general comparisons of foreign diplomas with the Dutch educational system.

Is a credential evaluation obligatory?
No, but it can help you while searching for a (another) job or an education at the appropriate level.

I want to study abroad. Can I apply for a credential evaluation before I obtain the diploma?
This is not possible. A credential evaluation is only possible based on an obtained diploma and list(s) of subjects / list(s) of results. The IcDW cannot beforehand provide advice via telephone or e-mail.

For what purpose can you use a credential evaluation?
A credential evaluation indicates with which Dutch educational level a foreign diploma can be compared. This can help while searching for an appropriate job or an education.

As an employer or educational institute, a credential evaluation indicates for you with which educational level a foreign diploma can be compared. This allows you to better assess whether an applicant is eligible for a job, or at which level the student can enroll.

How long is my credential evaluation valid?

Like your diploma, your credential evaluation is valid indefinitely. Was your credential evaluation issues a long time ago? Then it is possible that an educational institution or an employer may question your credential evaluation or no longer accepts it. In this case, you can apply for a new evaluation. The Dutch educational system changes sometimes. Therefore it is possible that when you apply for a new credential evaluation the level of your credential evaluation may change as well. But the level and the credential evaluation may also remain the same.

I did not complete my educational programme, is an evaluation possible?
Information on the evaluation of not-completed educational programmes can be found on the page Credential evaluation.
Can my diploma be evaluated?
You can find more information on the page Credential evaluation.

What happens when my diploma cannot be evaluated?
You can find information on this on the page Procedure.
Can working experience be evaluated?
No, in a credential evaluation, only the level of the educational programme is assessed. Working experience is not evaluated in a credential evaluation.

What is the recognition of a diploma?
Information on the recognition of a foreign diploma can be found on the page Work.

What is the value of my Dutch diploma abroad?
The value of a Dutch diploma is established in the country of destination, in comparison with the educational system of that particular country. It is not possible to assess this beforehand, while you're still in the Netherlands. You can better explain the value of your Dutch education with a description of your diploma. You can read more about this on the page Work.

Can I apply for a Dutch academic titel at the IcDW?
No. You can apply for a Dutch academic title at the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO).

Application and procedure

How can I apply for a credential evaluation?
You can find all information on the page Credential evaluation.

What does a credential evaluation look like?
A credential evaluation contains information about the education concerned. Based on this information, a comparison with the Dutch educational system is determined. The credential evaluation document contains a number of authenticity characteristics.

What are the costs for a credential evaluation?
You can find the costs of a credential evaluation on the page Payment.
What is the processing time of an application?
You can find the processing time of an application on the page Payment.
Which documents are required for a credential evaluation?
For a complete overview of the required documents for a credential evaluation, please check the page Required documents.

Can you translate the documents yourself?
No, the translation has to be made by a translator that has been sworn at a Dutch court of justice or in the country of origin. You can find sworn translators in the Netherlands in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators via Bureau BTV. If you apply for a credential evaluation for inburgering, you don’t have to a translation of the documents.

Are you not able to provide all necessary documents?
Then the application will not be assessed, or a Bericht Geen Waardering is issued.

Did you come to the Netherlands as a refugee? Do you no longer have any credentials from your school or university, such as a diploma or list of subjects? Then you can still apply for a credential evaluation. You should send all the documents that you still have with your application.

What happens when the application is closed?
You can read this on the page Procedure.
What can you do if you don't agree with the evaluation?
You can file a complaint with the Information Centre for Credential Evaluation (IcDW). You can file a written complaint about a credential evaluation within 6 weeks after the evaluation has been issued. You can request for a complaint form at the IcDW.

Using Mijn IDW

What can I do on Mijn IDW?

You can use Mijn IDW to apply for a credential evaluation and submit digital or scanned copies of your documents. We will send you an email once your documents and application have been submitted successfully.

Can I fill out an application without internet connection?

No, you need an internet connection to submit an application.

Can I submit an application with my smartphone?

Yes, you can submit an application using a smartphone or tablet. You will need an internet connection.

Does the site work with any browser?

The site works with most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox). For safety reasons we do not support older versions of browsers. You may need to update the version of your browser to use the site optimally.

Can I use a public computer?

You can safely use a public computer to submit your application. We do recommend to use an incognito browser. On the website (in Dutch) you will find instructions how to turn on an incognito browser.

In what language can I do an application?

You can do an application in Dutch and in English.

I don’t want to agree to the terms and conditions. Can I still submit an application?

No. If you want to do an application, you have to agree to our terms and conditions.

I don’t have a BSN, can I do an application?

You need a BSN to do an application. As soon as you got your BSN you can create an account and do an application.

I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

Please click the forgot password link on if you cannot access your account because you forgot your password. You need to enter the email address you used when you made an account. You will receive an email with a link to reset the password.

I can’t log in, what do I do?

First check if you have an internet connection. If you still can’t log in, let us know through the contact form.

I see an error message, how do I continue?

If you haven’t filled in all the mandatory fields (correctly), you can’t continue. The field you didn’t fill in correctly will be red. This shows where you have to fill in more information.

How can I see what number my application has?

You can read this in the email where we write that we have received your application. You can also see it on the main page, when you log in to your Mijn IDW account.

What are the guidelines for uploading documents ?

All scanned documents containing photographs, official stamps and text must be clear and readable. This also applies to handwritten text.The file format should be in Portable Document Format (PDF) or JPG. The file size should not exceed 5MB per upload.

I clicked upload documents but nothing happens.

Make sure your device has an internet connection. Sometimes it takes some time before a window opens where you select documents to upload. If this lasts longer than a minute, you can try to refresh the screen (F5 on a laptop or computer, or the icon in the mobile browser menu). If you still have problems, please fill out our contact form.

What happens if I have uploaded a wrong or unclear document?

DYour application will be reviewed by the IcDW and incorrect or unclear documents will be rejected. In that case, you will receive an email confirming the rejection, and you can then proceed to re-upload and re-submit the correct documents. Wait until you received the email from the IcDW. If you call us or send us an e-mail before that, we cannot help you.

I don’t have all the information and documents you need, what should I do?

You can save and pause your application after every question. When you have collected all the information and documents you need, you can continue your application and send it.

I do not have a scanner. Can I send in my documents via regular mail?

No, we do not accept documents that are sent in via regular mail. Alternatively, you can make pictures of the documents with a mobile phone or tablet and upload those images or contact a local printshop for scanning services. Any costs involved you must pay yourself. You will not be reimbursed.

Why must I upload anonymized versions of my documents?

Because you did not agree to the use of your diplomas and / or certificates in our archive, you must upload anonymized versions of these documents. SBB and Nuffic store all diplomas and/or certificates of applicants in an archive. We use this archive so we can continue to do our work now and in the future. Your documents will be stored in this archive, but you can choose to upload documents that no longer contain your personal details by anonymizing these documents. If you choose this option, you have to anonymize your diplomas and/or certificates yourself.

How should I anonymize my documents?

You must ensure that your personal information on a degree or certificate, such as your name, address and date of birth are no longer readable in the document. Do not remove, blur or blanc out your personal details on original documents! You can make a copy of your document, and make your personal details unreadable with a black marker or pen. You should then make a scan of this document and upload it into our system. You can also anonymize your documents digitally.

If you use a smartphone or tablet you can install the KopieID app (in Dutch). With this app you can take a picture of your documents and put bars over your personal details using your finger. The result can be saved as PDF file and then be uploaded into our system.

Do you not have a smartphone or tablet? There are many tools available on the internet. If you Google the terms "blurring apps 'or' blurring tools" are you will find several free providers and the instructions on how to use them.

Do I have to anonymize my identity documents?

No, you don’t have to upload an anonymous version of your residence permit. You must upload a clear scan of the documents so we can establish your identity. Your residence permit is automatically deleted from our system after processing your application. We do not store your residence permit in the archives of IDW.
Do I have to upload a translation?

No, if you apply for a credential evaluation for inburgering you do not have to upload a translation. If needed, the IcDW will let a translation office translate your documents. We can translate your documents from almost any language. When uploading your documents please indicate in which language they were issued.

I'd like to call or email you, where can I find the contact details?

You can find all information about your application in your Mijn IDW account. If you have to upload more information or documents, you will see that there. You can also see the status of your application in your account.

I have a question about the website, where can I leave it?

First check our FAQ section, if you cannot find your question please submit it by using our contact form.