A Diplomawaardering (credential evaluation) or Indicatie onderwijsniveau (educational level indicator) shows you what your foreign school or university diploma is worth in the Netherlands.

Doing the exam for Orientation on the Dutch labour market

If you intend to do the exam for Orientation on the Dutch labour market, you can request one Diplomawaardering for free.

This may be applicable when:

  • you are inburgeringsplichtig on or after 1 January 2015 and received the letter Kennisgeving inburgeringsplicht from DUO;
  • you are becoming a Dutch citizen (naturalisation);
  • you have applied for a permanent residence permit.

If you are becoming a Dutch citizen or you have applied for a permanent residence permit DUO decides if you can request a Diplomawaardering for free. We will check this with DUO after you have submitted your application.

If you already received your inburgeringsdiploma, you cannot request a free credential evaluation for ONA anymore.

A credential evaluation can help you find a job or continue your education. A credential evaluation is an advice; you cannot derive any legal rights from this document.


Find out which documents you need for a credential evaluation.

Are you missing some of the necessary documents and is it unsafe to request these from the country where you completed your study programme? You can still apply for a credential evaluation. We will decide whether we can give you a credential evaluation on the basis of the documents you have.

Are you missing all the documentation and diplomas? Then state this when you fill in the application. You will have to answer extra questions about your study programme. We will be able to give you an Indicatie Onderwijsniveau (Indication of Educational Level), which defines which educational level in the Netherlands is comparable to your diploma. This is only an estimation because you no longer have the documentation and diplomas.

When completing the application, you can also upload translations of documents, if you have these. Always upload a copy of the original documents, too. Do you not have translations of these documents? Then you don’t have to order translations.

Read more about applying for a credential evaluation.

Apply for a credential evaluation here