Mijn IDW

On 1 September 2020, the way in which you apply for and receive credential evaluation has changed. From that date onwards, you will no longer be able to use the application form on www.idw.nl. Instead, you must apply for a credential evaluation digitally, via https://mijn.idw.nl. This will make the process of applying for and processing a credential evaluation application more efficient and safer.

Submitting an application for credential evaluation

You submit the application as a (private) individual or as an organisation.

Submitting an application as a private individual

In order to submit an application, you must first create an account at https://mijn.idw.nl. Through this account, you can then submit one or more applications for credential evaluation. For the application, you answer the same questions as in the paper application form. Enter information about your educational background and about the diploma you wish to have evaluated. You also upload documents. While submitting your application, you will see which documents you are required to upload. After completing and uploading all the necessary details, you can select either a regular or an urgent application. You also pay your application online, for example by the iDEAL debit system or credit card.

Submitting an application as an organisation

First, you must create an account at https://mijn.idw.nl. In order to do so you need the VAT-number of your organisation. As an organisation you are also able to submit an application for credential evaluation on behalf of a customer or client. You can submit multiple applications for multiple clients in your account: complete all the information about the educational background of the diploma holder, and upload all requested documents. One newly added document is the ‘Credential evaluation permission form’. Download this form during the application procedure. The diploma holder is required to complete and sign this form. We need this signed form as evidence that the diploma holder agrees to the application. If you are unable to pay for the application immediately online, for example because another department in your organisation is responsible for payment, you can select the option ‘Pay later’. You can pay for the application through a bank transfer in the same way you are already used to paying. You will receive an email from us featuring the application ID number. State this number with your payment. Your application will only be processed afterwe have received the payment.

Then what?

Once you have submitted the application for credential evaluation, we will check whether your application is complete. If certain information is still missing, you will receive an email from us. Then log into your account at https://mijn.idw.nl, complete the missing information or upload the missing documents.

You can also see the status of your application in your Mijn IDW account. Your account includes a table listing all your applications for credential evaluation. Does your application show the status ‘Information required’? Then you have received an email from us and we need additional information to process your application.

Receiving the credential evaluation

Once your credential evaluation is ready, you will receive an email notice from us. When you log in to your Mijn IDW account, you will see the application has status ‘Evaluation ready’. You can download the evaluation by clicking on the application and then on ‘Diploma evaluation’.

Please note: The credential evaluation is electronically signed. This electronic signature is legally valid. You can read more about it on the website of the Dutch Point of Single Contact for entrepreneurs.

In brief:

  • The way you apply for and receive a credential evaluation has changed on 1 September 2020.
  • Create an account at https://mijn.idw.nl.
  • Complete your application online.
  • Upload all necessary documents.
  • You will receive an email if IDW needs more information.
  • Log in to your account:
      • to provide additional information
      • to view the status of your application
      • to download the credential evaluation
  • The credential evaluation is signed digitally, and only valid in digital format.