To study

Did you complete a programme of study in another country and are you now looking to continue your education in the Netherlands? Then you need to know whether you can be admitted to your chosen programme of study in the Netherlands with your previous diploma.  A credential evaluation can help you find out. A credential evaluation is an advice that describes the comparative value of your diploma in terms of the Dutch educational system. This information helps educational institutions in the Netherlands decide whether to admit you to the programme you would like to enrol in.

A credential evaluation does not guarantee your right to admission to programmes or exemptions from courses. This has to be decided by the educational institution They may also set additional requirements, such as a language test.

If you already know what you want to study, contact the educational institution. Most institutions can get a credential evaluation for your diploma free of charge. In that case, you do not receive the credential evaluation yourself.

If you do not yet know what you want to study, or if you want to receive the credential evaluation results yourself, then you should apply for a credential evaluation. First read about how to apply for a credential evaluation and find out whether your diploma satisfies the conditions.

For educational institutions

If you work at a government-funded educational institution, you can apply to SBB or Nuffic to receive credential evaluations for foreign diplomas for (prospective) students.

Do you work for a vmbo or mbo school?

Then apply for a credential evaluation via the SBB website

Do you work at a different type of school or university?

Then apply to Nuffic via the Adviseringsportal onderwijsvergelijking.

Read more about applying for credential evaluation.