To work

Did you study abroad and do you now want to work in the Netherlands? A credential evaluation shows which level in the Dutch educational system is comparable to your diploma. This information will help you look for a job.

A credential evaluation is only an advice and usually not mandatory, but an employer may ask for it. An employer or other organisation can also apply for the credential evaluation on your behalf. An employer or organisation who wishes to apply for a credential evaluation on your behalf must ask your permission.

A credential evaluation can help you find a job or continue your education in the Netherlands. A credential evaluation is an advice; you cannot derive any legal rights from this document.

Refugees from Ukraine

Are you a refugee from Ukraine? You can apply for a free credential evaluation. In order to request a credential evaluation, you will need these documents:

  • a copy of the diploma to be evaluated;
  • in case it is available a copy of the accompanying grades lists or the complete diploma supplement;
  • a copy of your passport, residence permit or identity card;
  • translations are not mandatory. Do you have sworn translations into Dutch, English, French or German? Please upload these in your application;
  • Did you not finish your study programme? We can evaluate your programme when you have completed at least 1 year of training. Upload the list of grades of the last finished study year you received from your educational institution.

How do refugees from Ukraine apply for a free credential evaluation? In the application process at "Step 2: About diploma holder" you have to answer the question "Why are you requesting a credential evaluation?". If you are a refugee from Ukraine you can check the answer category “I am a refugee from Ukraine and I request a free credential evaluation.

Regulated professions

Before applying for a credential evaluation, check whether your profession is regulated (protected) in the Netherlands. You can find out by checking the database of the European Commission

Is your profession on the list? Then first contact the competent authority associated with that profession. They will tell you about the procedure you have to follow.

Is your profession missing from the list? Then yours is not a protected profession and you can apply for a credential evaluation directly.

Mandatory credential evaluation

You are required to obtain a credential evaluation in order to be eligible for one of the following legal arrangements:

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