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Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

IDW believes it is important that everyone can use our services. Accessibility studies have been carried out for the website idw.nl and for Mijn IDW.


IDW wants everyone to be able to read and use all the information and services on this website properly. That is why we continuously work to improve the accessibility of the website www.idw.nl. In this way we strive to comply with the European standard EN 301 549. This standard refers to the W3C technical standard WCAG 2.1, about making content on websites and in web applications accessible to people with disabilities (formerly the Web Guidelines).

Certificate of accessibility

The website www.idw.nl partially complies with the guidelines of WCAG 2.1-AA. The last investigation was completed on 16-08-2023, read the statement (only available in Dutch).
Status toegankelijkheidslabel van Internationale diplomawaardering. Volg de link voor de volledige toegankelijkheidsverklaring.

Mijn IDW accessibility audit

It is important for IDW that everyone can use our services. The digital accessibility of Mijn IDW was audited (in Dutch) by an external company. At this moment, Mijn IDW is partly compliant with the standards of digital accessibility. We are working to improve the digital accessibility.

Read the Mijn IDW accessibility statement in the Register van toegankelijkheidsverklaringen (in Dutch).

Digital accessibility

The purpose of the accessibility guidelines is to ensure that the website is accessible to everyone. More information about this can be found on the information page from the Dutch government of the accessible website.


Are you encountering a problem with the accessibility of this website? Email us at info@idw.nl. Would you please provide the link to the web page where you encountered the problem? You help us to improve our website and you also help other visitors.