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Refugees from Ukraine

Are you a refugee from Ukraine, but you do not have the Ukranian nationality?

From 4 March 2024, you are no longer covered by the EU Temporary Protection Directive. You are no longer entitled to use the services that are linked to this Directive, such as the right to a free credential evaluation. From 4 March 2024, it is not possible for you to apply for a free credential evaluation anymore.

Did you submit an application before 20 March 2024? We will still process your application for free. You do not have to pay.

Required documents

In order to request a credential evaluation, you will need these documents:

  • a copy of the diploma to be evaluated;
  • in case it is available a copy of the accompanying grades lists or the complete diploma supplement;
  • a copy of your passport, residence permit or identity card;
  • a translation of the documents. We accept translations into Dutch, English, French of German. You can also upload your self-made translations (for example with Google Translate);
  • Would you like a credential evaluation of your Master's degree? Upload your Bachelor diploma and the accompanying list of marks;
  • Additional documents may be required in addition to the above document. When necessary, we will contact you.

Incomplete programmes of study

Did you not finish your study programme? We can evaluate your programme when you have completed at least 1 year of training. Upload the list of grades of the last finished study year you received from your educational institution.

Зверніть увагу! В IDW спілкуються лише нідерландською та англійською мовами.

How do refugees from Ukraine apply for a free credential evaluation?

In the application process at "Step 2: About diploma holder" you have to answer the question "Why are you requesting a credential evaluation?". If you are a refugee from Ukraine you can check the answer category “I am a refugee from Ukraine and I request a free credential evaluation.

You can follow the step-by-step instruction for My IDW on this page.